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There are two types of body capture systems typically. the optical motion capture system and the inertial motion capture system. Although the optical system is so well developed and accurate that all the filmmakers will choose it. But that needs more capture area by the addition of more cameras.

That's not the future. Future with body capture must be much easier and quicker, whatever you use it in the game or live in virtual space/the #metaverse. you need to use it as simple as your phone or like wearing your clothes. The inertial system is often transmitted wirelessly to a computer. No external cameras, emitters, or markers are needed for relative motions. you can capture in a variety of environments including tight spaces, no large capture areas, even at home. That's why we abandon the mature optical system but choose a more future version, the inertial system. Of course, making it more accurate is the next step.

There are various manufacturers, the first time we pick up is the Noitom. but the result is not good enough. the capturing hand will be spinning sometimes, and the root position is unstable. then we choose another much cheaper one but the performance is very well undesirably. the Rokoko suit. Here is the comparison below, in the first picture, the character is floating in the air. And the second one is much better, but also we combined it with our technical, procedure animation which will correct the different proportions between acters and characters and clean the foot movement of the character.


The equipment manufacturers will offer you a way how to connect to UE4 on the official website. Here I will post the link as well. both the Noitom and Rokoko. but if you wanna the latest version such as used for UE5, you have to email the official service.

Following the link above you will achieve the basic function like your character's arms and legs can be driven by the actor. If the character's measurement is exactly the same as the actor's, the capturing looks good. but when the character got long legs or a short body, any different proportion between the actors, it won't work very well, just like what I showed above, it's floating all the time. That means we need to process these original data in a more accurate way, we call it "procedure animation". I will explain it in the next blog.

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